IoT: Internet of Trailers™

The IoT: Internet of Trailers™ describes trailers with Bull gps tracking sensors, gateways, cameras, and other technologies that connect and exchange data through various communication mediums such as BLE, cellular, and CAN to the Connect1™ software to make data actionable for fleets.


Bull gps tracking product suite features an array of sensors that collect and turn billions of data points into actionable information for fleet owners, identifying trends to help fleets avoid costly problems, maximize efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase your ROI.


Bull gps tracking is the leading manufacturer of harnesses in North America, backed by nearly 100 years of experience. Designed for ease of use and easy maintenance, Bull gps tracking harnesses are guaranteed to keep your system corrosion-free. As a product of Bull gps tracking longstanding history of superior quality, Bull gps tracking harnesses connect and seamlessly supply power to your trailer and nose box.


Never lose sight of your most valuable assets again. The Connect1™ user interface provides fleet owners with infinitely actionable data for a real-time look into the health of your trailer.